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The sports supplementation market is growing, as more and more people go further by listening to the additional needs of their body.

Sport supplementation includes products such as proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. At Blue King, all of our supplements are certified by Spanish laboratories and go through high quality controls before going on the market. We have opted for affordable consumer products without forgetting the quality and design of the brand. We have a great team and a long history in the field of supplementation.

Our start product is Whey proteins, a supplement preferred by most athletes whose objective is to increase muscle mass or hypertrophy. It is an excellent source of essential amino acids and is rapidly absorbed. The benefits of Whey proteins are many: they stimulate muscle generation, have healing properties, accelerate metabolism, have satiating effects and much more.

On our website you can see the prices and place your order online, which you will receive in a 24-48h period. During March month we offer 5% discount if you use the code ASBK2021.

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