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Nutrition is a very young and constantly evolving science. Our grandparents were born when Casimir Funk published his first work on vitamins in the 20-30s. Our parents grew up on cod liver oil and brewer’s yeast as the first supplements to be considered “revolutionary”. During the 50-60s until the 70’s, nutrition was a new-born science where most statements where mere assumptions and few facts were known. But already in those first 50 years appeared “explorers” who had risked speculating and using substances such as amino acids, peptides, coenzymes, etc.; They were “the iron athletes”.

It is dizzying to see how in the physical culture magazines of the 50s and 60s (through many mistakes and errors, though) hypotheses and theories were established and instantly put into practice yet also viewed by science with skepticism or directly ignored. Many of these theories (for example, the anti-catabolic effect of certain amino acids) have been the subject of research in numerous scientific studies in the 80s and 90s, and have become the basis of nutrition science in our days. It was not about miracles or sorcerers. Perhaps, what these pioneers did, was simply use logic and pragmatism in the observation of their own bodies with a combination of the Greek aphorism: “know yourself” and that other well-known phrase “we are what we eat”.

The truth is, regardless of whether or not the science of nutrition is recognized today, that it is what it is thanks to two great pillars:



At this point, the role of nutrition in high performance is more than recognized in four main areas:

· Essential supplement for high performance

· Natural alternative to doping

· Extends the active sports life of the athlete.

· Prevents and heals injuries

Sports nutrition offers, in short, an arsenal of harmless supplements, without side effects or adverse effects in the short of long term. They include a large number of nutrients that complete our diet and, at the same time, improve our sports performance in a natural and effective way.

The question we could ask ourselves is: Why do we need to take supplements, if theoretically a complete diet should cover all of our nutritional needs? Well, precisely because that is the theory; practice has shown us otherwise. Food today varies a lot in terms of its nutritional content for many reasons: due to technological processes, due to the type of culinary preparation, due to technological processes, due to the type of culinary preparation, due to pollutants (fertilizers, pesticides, drugs), due to the different characteristics of each food, etc. But, in addition (and this we consider as a fact that can no longer be discusses by anyone) athletes, because they perform an activity and effort greater than any other sedentary individual, need a greater contribution of nutrients than the rest of the population groups.

Of course, supplements are not the universal panacea, they are simply an aid, and must be integrated into a healthy and complete diet and a suitable training program. That is the key in the three-way relationship: FEEDING-SUPLEMENTATION-TRAINING. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 21st century, we still find some people who are unaware of the evolution of the science of nutrition, even in the field of science and health care, who keeps with the mindset that “oranges have enough vitamin C”, or some other “universal truths”. When you meet one of these individuals (who generally obey that phrase “we are what we eat” very well), smile at them with compassion, pat them on their back (it sure sounds hollow) and keep going your way.

In Blue King we will keep an eye on the evolution of nutrition and new advances in supplementation, training and health.

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